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Europe Tours

Culinary travelling is one of the most popular kinds of tourism nowadays. During such trips you will not only taste the best examples of world cuisines, but also learn how to cook them! Our special programs are aimed at both gourmands and beginning cooks. Don’t miss your opportunity to join the world's culinary heritage. Presented are Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Arabic, European, and Mexican cuisines.

From sandy beaches of Kerala to rainforests of Rajasthan, India offers you a wide range of destinations for every taste and budget. Discover the most popular resorts of South India with our travel agency. India is truly a pearl of Asia. Visit its ancient temples, palaces and colorful cities during one of our pre-tailored tours. With a team of travel experts dedicated to their job you can be sure not to miss even a bit of its treasures.

Are you a thrill seeker? Then our safari tours are for you! Gain unforgettable hunting experience in African savannah, Indian rainforests or tundra, tracking dangerous beasts. You will be accompanied by natives, who know the area inside out. At your disposal are the latest mechanical facilities for tracking and hunting. We provide armored all-road vehicles that will grant you absolute safety during the trip.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt. Discover this cradle of civilization; visit its pyramids, ancient reliquaries and sunny beaches. Discover the treasures of the Museum of Cairo and learn about the glorious history of its country. Egypt has an established tourism infrastructure, and is one of the most popular resorts for travelers from all over the world. It offers moderate prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee from the services.

Join the team of daring travelers in the unique trip across Antarctica. This ice-bound continent is waiting for you. The Antarctic expedition provided by our agency will be one of the most memorable adventures in your life. You will sail along the coastline of the continent, visit the international research station and observe the wildlife. The pinnacle of this adventure is a dogsled tour to the terrestrial South Pole. Book your tour today and receive a significant discount.

Prepare for the authentic Caribbean adventure with our agency! A trip on a private sailboat is waiting for those who are fond of pirate stories, tropical climate and great service. Charming getaways with white sand and azure water will be the pinnacle of your dream beach vacation. Inhale the salt-soaked air of Caribbean isles, sail in the footsteps of the famous pirate captains and discover their stories. This cruise will be one the brightest pages of your life.